Jim Shore Cats

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July 2013

5.25in H x 3.875in W x 3.75in L

Jim Shores whimsical Christmas cats have been a popular favorite of cat lovers of every stripe. This new addition features incredible detail including the rosebud sled; the colorful patterning on the cats hat and of course his jingle bell buttons.

Quantity: 4034392 Christmas Cat on Sled Price $31.50

November 2012

6.125in H x 3in W x 4.5in L

Jim Shores whimsical cats are a traditional best-seller. This cat with cardinal combines two of Jims favorite subjects and appeals to cat and bird lovers alike.

Quantity: 4031225 Cat with Cardinal and Birdhouse Price $32.50

6in H x 2.75in W x 4.5in L

Jim Shores whimsical cats are a traditional best-seller. This little guy with his ball of yarn is a hit with cat lovers and knitters alike. Over 20 million American women knit.

Quantity: 4031226 Cat with Ball of Yarn Price $32.50

6.25in H x 3.5in W x 4.125in L

Jim Shores whimsical cats are a traditional best-seller. Whether you're a fan of music or nursery rhymes; this 'Cat with a Fiddle' is bound to hit the right note.

Quantity: 4031227 Cat with Fiddle Price $32.50

July 2012

6.5in H x 3in W x 3.625in L

This colorful fellow with his tasty ornament fits right in. Sure to appeal to the cat lovers on every list.

Quantity: 4027766 Christmas Cat with Fish  Price $32.50

July 2011

September 2011

3in H x 2in W x 2.75in L
Miniatures are not individually packaged.

Quantity: 4025630 Mini Christmas Cat With Tree  Price $13.00

7.25in H x 3.25in W x 3.75in L

An autumn cat is enjoying the season with his basket full of apples and surrounded by the bounty of the season.

Quantity: 4017424 Cat on Pumpkin with Apples  Price $32.50

7.5in H x 3.25in W x 3.75in L

This mischievious springtime cat is standing in the basket of flowers with the 'flying' butterfly and bird.

Quantity: 4017422 Spring Cat with Flower Basket  Price $32.50

6.75in H x 2.25in W x 3.75in L

This coastal cat loves the sea with his pail seashell and the fish dangling from his real metal tail.

Quantity: 4022936 Coastal Cat  Price $32.50

7.125in H x 2.5in W x 4.25in L

The apples are ready to be harvested and this special cat is guarding the bounty.

Quantity: 4022937 Apple Picking Cat  Price $32.50

January 2011

Message: By The Beautiful Sea

9.75in H x 5.25in W x 5.25in L

Quantity: 4016463 Summer Scene Cat Price $48.50

JULY 2010

6.5" High

Quantity: 4017631 Cat with Christmas Garland  $27.50

MARCH 2010


7.5" H.


7" H.



7.5" H.


Quantity: 4013502 Grey Cat       Price $22.00

Quantity: 4013503 Tuxedo Cat  Price $22.00

Quantity: 4013504 Brown Cat    Price $22.00


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4006926 JS Patience Cat................ $12.00   (Retail Cost $15.00)

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4004863 JS Cat - Black/Brown.................. $12.00   (Retail Cost $15.00)

4004864 JS Cat - White/Grey..................... $12.00   (Retail Cost $15.00)

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(Cats Measure 5.25" to 7")

114419 JS Brown/Heart Cat.......... $12.00 (Retail Cost $15.00)

114423 JS Green/Star Cat........... $12.00 (Retail Cost $15.00)